State Library of Victoria – Re-application of graffiti protection

Over the past 20 years our team has maintained effective protection against graffiti across the facades of the State Library and Wheeler Centre which require weekly cleaning. Heritage-approved coatings Lyckeby SC20 and Geal Defend are applied in regular intervals to ensure ongoing protection. The application of these protective coatings enables a faster and more efficient clean-up, often with warm water alone. Also, many permanent shadows (“ghostings”) on the sandstone surfaces have been prevented.

Graffiti Wipeout Shields

Parliament of Victoria – Re-application of graffiti protection

Recently our team was asked to re-apply the heritage-approved protective coating, Lyckeby SC20, to the colonnade / front façade and balustrades of Victoria’s Parliament House. Our team applied a new water-capture system to reduce the chance of water penetrating into offices below the mosaic floor. All work was completed in time for a major function.

Graffiti Wipeout Shields

Stripping of failed coating on steel sound fencing

A failed coating needed to be stripped from a 1.2 Km section of steel fencing along the new Pakenham Bypass. Graffiti Wipeout was given the task to arrange all traffic management, paint stripping, road sweeping, water cartage as well as waste water containment, collection and disposal. With only 10 days notice and a very tight deadline for completion our team successfully completed the removal of approx. 1,600m² coating on time and on budget.

Graffiti Wipeout Shields